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Jan 29, 2021 · 10 Minutes

Steppingblocks CEO Interviews NISS Executive Director

Students Success means a lot of different things to a lot of different people. Interestingly in higher education, the term is a relatively new concept in terms of strategy, but over the last few years, some of the most innovative universities in the country are focused on implementing student success programs.

In this interview, we sit down with Dr. Timothy Renick, Executive Director of the National Institute for Student Success, and discuss how Georgia State University has implemented one of the most successful (and first) Student Success programs in the country.

Join our founder and CEO, Carlo Martinez, to learn and answer the following:

1. What is the National Institute for Student Success?
2. How was it originated at Georgia State University?
3. What are the critical requirements to launch a Student Success program at your University?
4. Why do provosts, presidents, deans and other university leadership need to "get the house in order" before launching a student success strategy?
5. How can you overcome the challenges of implementing a Student Success program in a highly bureaucratic educational organization?
6. What is the overall impact of establishing a Student Success program for universities and students?
7. What data do you need to start tracking and measuring student success?
8. Why does a successful Student Success program depend on data-driven initiatives?
9. What tools does the university need to provide students with career success?
10. How does Georgia State University use alumni graduate outcomes tools and data as part of their Student Success strategy?

By · NISS Content Publisher