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This is Just the Beginning
The NISS offers deep-dive analysis of an institution’s change capacity and identifies potential avenues for enhanced institutional student success programming.

Diagnostic Analysis

The approximately two-month process begins with a holistic analysis of student and institutional data highlighted by a series of fact-finding engagements and the gathering of survey data with follow-up qualitative interviews of key leadership and staff.
Step 1


Institute designates a Project Lead and assembles a wide-ranging team of practitioners and specialists for this intensive engagement.

Step 2


Every member of the Project Team completes the assessment survey tool while other specialists provide the information requested via data inquiries.

Step 3


Practitioners and stakeholders complete a series of interviews wherein the NISS diagnostic team gathers information about programs, goals, and campus culture.

Step 4


NISS diagnostic team assembles, catalogs and analyzes all data, which contributes to the creation of a customized Playbook.

Step 5


The NISS delivers the diagnostic summary and the Playbook and schedules a follow-up conversation with NISS experts to decide on implementation steps.

Ready for the Diagnostic?

The full-scale diagnostic provides a wealth of crucial, actionable information about your campus’s opportunities for improvement. Click below to see the level at which your institution is ready to engage with NISS services.
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